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Martha Bladen
een maand geleden

Thank you for your commitment to George and the other soldiers who do not have family there to honor them.

Guido Ardeel
een maand geleden

Mooi initiatief Samira

een maand geleden

Mooie site geworden Samira.

Lou Rison
een maand geleden

Mooie site geworden!

Jan Dooms
een maand geleden

Mooie site.
Ik bezoek meerdere keren mijn adoptiegraven.
Waardeer jullie werk enorm.

Leon Hilleman
5 maanden geleden

Mooie site geworden Samira. Ziet er goed uit.

5 maanden geleden

Samira, its a wonderful service you have taken on to the memory of so many soldiers. It's peaceful to know my good friend Paula's father is looked after. Thank You.

Stephen B. Lawton
5 maanden geleden

George William Day, interred at Flanders Field, was a step-grandson of my great-great grandfather, Thomas Josiah Lawton, although Thomas died a year before George was born. The family connections were strong, though, since Thomas's son Thomas, Jr. lived for many years with the Day family, according to US Census data. In 1900, Thomas, Jr. was listed as head of household and George's mother, Caroline Day, as his step-sister, with 9 year old George, listed as his nephew. A decade later, Thomas, Jr. lived in the same dwelling with George and he Day family. On his draft card, at age 26, George indicated he was responsible for his mother's support; he worked as a farm hand on in Cotton Township, Switzerland County, Indiana. At that time, my father lived nearby, and probably new George. But, George did serve, and did die for his country. Two thoughts come to mine. First, the classic film, Sergeant York. Alvin York and George Day came from similar rural, farming backgrounds with little exposure to the wider world. Second, having spent a number of years in Canada, I'm familiar with Poppy Day (Armistice Day), honoring the sacrifice of those buried there as memorized by Canadian John McCrae in his poem, In Flanders Fields. Thanks for helping us remember.

5 maanden geleden

Travaillant déjà sur la recherche des portraits et informations sur le Brittany American Cemetery, je peux me joindre à vous pour vous aider.
Sincères amitiés de France.

Jana Churchwell, Owner, Gold Star Family Research & Memorials
5 maanden geleden

I just absolutely love what you are doing to honor and remember our soldiers! I also love the new website. It is my honor to know you! We must do this for our heroes, it's up to us. We must document the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives and children, the Gold Star Families who lost them. We owe it to them to know and tell their stories for future generations. If we listen close enough, we can hear them telling it to us.